The absolute best in hearing health care

A discreet and lightweight remote, the PilotOne gives the user volume control and program change ability without having to touch the hearing aids. With easy to use buttons, you have control in any environment.

The ComPilot provides the same convenient volume control and program change ability for your hearing aids, but also has Bluetooth capability. Whether you are watching a movie on your computer, listening to music, or simply talking on your cell phone, the ComPilot allows the signal to stream directly into both hearing aids. This remote can be wirelessly connected to a huge range of cell phones, smartphones, computers, tablets, music players, and more. Not only will you have hands-free capability, but you will be able to hear electronic devices better than ever.

TVLink with ComPilot
For those who have difficulty hearing the TV, the TVLink is the solution you have been looking for. With the TV signal streaming directly into your hearing aids, you can adjust the volume to where it is comfortable and audible to you without affecting the TV volume for others in the room. This easy to use device can stream from distances up to 30 meters/100 ft.

The RemoteMic is designed to improve understanding for one-on-one conversations in noisy environments, or when the listener is not able to be near the speaker, such as while in church. The speaker wears the discreet and lightweight microphone, and their voice is heard directly in your hearing aids. A perfect solution for those with difficult hearing losses where additional assistance is needed along with their hearing aids. For use over a distance up to 20 meters.

Roger Pen
Proven to perform better than any other wireless microphone available, the Roger Pen allows the user full control to understand more speech in very noisy situations, such as while in a restaurant, or large gathering. Designed to be used with a miniature Roger receivers, which attach directly to hearing aids or cochlear implants, this microphone is also helpful for hearing TV's, PC's, and for making Cell Phone calls. The user simply places it on a table, holds in in their hand, or passes it to whoever they wish to hear.

Just because your hearing aid are virtually invisible in the ear, does not mean you should have to sacrifice convenience. The MiniControl is specially designed to be used with Phonak Virto Q nano hearing aids and gives you control to adjust the program or volume.

DECT Phone
With much more power than a regular phone, the DECT cordless phone is designed for those with hearing loss, but can also be used by family members with normal hearing. The included booster mode allows anyone to benefit from additional amplification. For those with Phonak hearing aids, the phone signal is sent wirelessly to the hearing aids and heard directly through both ears. This dramatically improves understanding, and helps considerably when background noise is present.