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Why proper hearing evaluations are so important…

Research has revealed that most people will live with deteriorating hearing for around 5-7 years before seeking help. Because we're committed to making a positive impact through better hearing, we believe that cost should never prevent people from taking the first step. That is why Absolute Hearing Services offers our clients FREE hearing screenings and appropriate recommendations at no charge.

Hearing loss affects more than just your ears. It can compromise relationships, workplace situations and overall lifestyle. If you suspect you or a family member are experiencing difficulty in listening situations, it is time to have a professional hearing exam to monitor your overall hearing health and understand what treatment options you may have available.

We begin the process by collecting a client case history and patient analysis which outlines pertinent information for the hearing evaluation. A visual exam of the ear and ear canal will identify any abnormalities such as ear wax impaction or infection that we might suggest seeking medical intervention for. The audiological exam is a process that involves subjective responses to a series of different sounds including frequencies and speech testing. These results are recorded, interpreted and will be explained in a concise manner that is easy to understand. This will allow us to highlight any areas of concern that show candidacy for further recommendations in the way of treatment. Our goal is to relay the test results to help you find the most appropriate solutions in improving your communication needs.