Hearing Aids

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Nano/Invisible In the Canal

Nano Invisible In the Canal (ITC)


These discreet hearing aids are the tiniest hearing aids made. They fit very deep in the ear canal making it ideal for life on the go. Because of their tiny size, they are a great option for people looking for a discreet solution.


Completely In the Canal

Completely In The Canal (cic)


Sleek and subtle, these hearing aids are molded to the contours of your ear for a superior fit. They offer a natural look and hearing experience.


Half Shell/In the Canal

In The Canal Half Shell (itc)


This style sits in the lower portion of the outer bowl of the ear, making them comfortable and easy to use. They have longer battery life, are easy to handle, and have external controls.


Full Shell/In the Ear

In The Ear Full Shell (ite)


These are custom molded hearing aids that are easy to use for people with dexterity or vision problems. They are comfortable hearing aids allowing for all day use.


Receiver in the Canal

Receiver In the Canal (RIC)


Reliable and convenient, these devices are lightweight, small, and flexible. They are the most popular hearing aids on the market today.


Behind the Ear

Behind the Ear (BTE)


This option can fit any type of hearing loss. It follows the contour behind your ear, giving you more controls and power than any other style