Loyalty Program

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Loyalty Care Program

Enjoy exclusive benefits when you purchase hearing aids through private-pay!

It is our commitment to provide an exceptional level of care and ensure that our patients have access to service they can count on. At Absolute Hearing Services our personal service doesn’t stop when we fit your hearing aids; we are here with help and support for as long as you have your hearing aids.

The Loyalty Care Program provides you with a range of exclusive benefits over three years whenever you purchase hearing aids from Absolute Hearing Services. Below are the benefits you will receive when you join our Loyalty Care Program:


Repair and Maintenance Service

When you purchase hearing aids through Absolute Hearing Services, we cover all in-house cleanings and repairs for the life of your hearing aids. Should your hearing aids have to be sent in to the manufacturer, we guarantee priority service and a speedy turnaround to have them back as fast as possible. Ask about our loaner aids while your aids are being repaired.


Loss and Damage Warranty

We want to make sure it’s easy for you to replace your hearing aids if they are ever lost or damaged beyond repair. Our Loss and Damage Warranty covers the replacement of your hearing aids up to 3 years after your purchase.



Batteries are included when purchasing regularly priced hearing aids. Please contact us for details.


Annual Hearing Screenings

It is important to receive an annual hearing screen test to determine if there are any changes in hearing ability. For most people, a decline in their hearing can happen so gradually that it appears as if nothing has really changed, even though there may actually be a significant change. A hearing test may also point out a treatable medical condition; therefore, it’s important to catch any problems early on. We will remind you once a year when it is time to have your hearing re-tested.


Loyalty Discount on Purchases

Hearing aid technology is continuing to advance rapidly, so it’s very likely you might want to upgrade to a more advanced model in the not-too-distant future. That’s why we offer generous discounts when you decide it’s time to upgrade. Please call us to ask about your discount.


*Loyalty discounts are only applied to regularly priced hearing aids.