What Our Clients Have to Say

Very pleased

I am very pleased with my new hearing aids! I no longer ask my friend to repeat herself when in the dining room. I was not able to hear when in background noise with my old aids. I am hearing everyday sounds that I have forgotten about, such as my bedroom fan and my feet shuffling when I walk. I am overall satisfied with the improvement of listening and the comfort of my new Phonak hearing aids.

Lois S. - White Rock, BC.

Exceptional service and treatment

I was never disappointed when choosing Absolute Hearing Services. I shopped around, went to 4 different clinics and found their pricing to be the fairest. The staff is great and have always provided exceptional service and treatment. They are accommodating with appointments and even serve me coffee.

Wade C. - Langley, BC.

Best service yet

Best service yet. Whether buying a car or hearing aids. Good service is what makes it successful. You get this with Absolute Hearing. Christina even makes house calls which is very important to us seniors. This is owner approved.

Alice K. - Cloverdale, BC.

Friendly staff

Best service and friendly staff. I give them 5 Stars. I recommend this little place for good service….

Robert G. - Langley, BC.

Change in my life

Dear Christina,

I feel I must write and tell you want a change your hearing aids have made in my life. From being unable to hold a normal conversation to understanding everything being said, not to mention the TVLink. My TV preference is news and sports now; I don’t have to guess what is being said. Many thanks for your ongoing help and your staff.

Dave H. - Langley, BC.

More than happy

I had bought my first pair of Phonak hearing aids in a business office in 2008.  However, I was not satisfied with the multiple adjustments made in the office setting, therefore, I did not wear them.

In July 2015, I met Christina Beer of Absolute Hearing Services. She was more than happy to come to my home to do her presentation.  She was able to do my initial testing and to make any adjustments needed right there in my own environment. That made all the difference with me.

Since I bought my Phonak Audeo’s, not only have I been happy to hear better, but I have been happy to have minimal adjustments.

Aline A. - Cloverdale, BC.